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What is the PPG Cool Colors Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) Database?

The PPG Cool Colors SRI Database is a tool that allows you to view PPG cool metal coatings colors, enabling you to select the best metal coating color for your next project.

If you just want to see all of our cool colors, simply select "Search" and the default view will render a listing of all Cool Color Families and their values. Selecting a specific color will activate the details in which all specifications, including registration information, is accessible.

How It Works!

This form serves as a search engine to browse the PPG Cool Colors Registration Database. To search for PPG cool metal coatings, use this form to enter search criteria into any or all of the fields, and then click the Search button to view the results of the search.

All matching products will be returned on the search results page, and then you can click the View Details to show a printable description of the selected product.

On the search results page, click the Back To Search button to return to the main search form. From the product details page, click the Back To Results button to return to the search results. You can also return to the main search form from the product details page by clicking the Back To Search button.

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